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Transform with the Credit Action Plan!

We're excited to be launching Credit Butterfly soon. As many of you know, we have been pouring our heart and soul into our software for almost a year now. We've designed it to make your life as a credit repair owner easier, more compliant, and fun!

Each of the features we have chosen for our beta launch are game changers for the credit repair industry. For example, our contract generator has state-specific contracts that are automatically generated depending on the state where your client lives! 

Our import/reimport feature for credit reports is seamless! Once imported, our AI generates a customized credit action plan for each client! Now, even if you don't have experience (or you want to branch out and grow your business with a team) you will have an expert AI generated action plan to wow your clients.

Here are some of the features and benefits of our software:

AI Generated Personalized Credit Action Plans
AI Generated Dispute Letters 
Contract Generator
Real-Time Credit Monitoring
User-Friendly Dashboards
Onboarding & Support - get the most value from your software.
FCRA Identifier (Coming Soon)

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Beta Test Updates

Video 5 Onboarding Info

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About Credit Butterfly . . .

The Butterfly Effect

We are so excited to share our story with you. We know the challenges you face because we’ve been through it ourselves. That is why we have spent over 20 years perfecting our exceptional and compliant credit repair method.

Our journey has led us to create something truly special – the Credit Action Plan. It is like the secret sauce that makes Credit Butterfly stand out. This plan has been fine-tuned to work wonders for individuals with varying credit needs.

Now, imagine having this powerful tool at your disposal. It is a game-changer for your business. With the Credit Action Plan, you can offer your clients a tailored and effective solution, helping them regain control of their financial future.

So, do not miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your business and provide exceptional value to your clients. The Credit Action Plan is your secret weapon, and it is time to unleash its potential for your success. Join us in this journey and let us transform the credit repair industry together!

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