Our Story

The Butterfly Effect

We are so excited to share our story with you. We know the challenges you face because we’ve been through it ourselves. That is why we have spent over 20 years perfecting our compliant credit repair method.

Our journey has led us to create something truly special – the Credit Action Plan. It is like the secret sauce that makes Credit Butterfly stand out. This plan has been fine-tuned to work wonders for individuals with varying credit needs.

Now, imagine having this powerful tool at your disposal. It is a game-changer for your business. With the Credit Action Plan, you can offer your clients a tailored and effective solution, helping them regain control of their financial future.

So, do not miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your business and provide exceptional value to your clients. The Credit Action Plan is your secret weapon, and it is time to unleash its potential for your success. Join us in this journey and let us transform the credit repair industry together!

Small changes can have dramatic results. One example is how making a single late payment can have a lasting and dramatic effect on your credit report. A single late payment may decrease someone’s credit score by 100 points. At Credit Butterfly we are able to pinpoint strategies that may appear simple but have far-reaching results. With credit, many things are interconnected and small, targeted changes can produce transformative effects.

Stephanie Black, Co-founder with Kimberlie Mozes, Co-founder

Innovation Backed by Technology

Our proprietary method provides insights and strategies harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and the latest industry insights. Other software solutions cannot offer a solution that learns and adapts to the changing financial and credit industry. We pair our proprietary credit repair method of successful deletions with our “Credit Action Plan” to achieve transformative results.

Transparent and Compliant Practices

Credit Butterfly operates with transparent and compliant practices, ensuring users can trust our process to achieve the results they deserve. We pair compliance with real results so you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

Our Vision

Harness the butterfly effect and change lives. We see our software as the starting point for a journey that not only repairs credit but also sets in motion a series of positive events that enable individuals and business owners to achieve their financial goals.

Our Mission

Provide a transformative online platform that aligns with our goal of democratizing home ownership and access to credit for all.

Transparent and Compliant

Credit Butterfly operates with transparent and compliant practices, ensuring users can trust our process to achieve the results they deserve. We pair compliance with real results, so you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

Our Team

Experience combined with results resulting in a winning team.

Kim Mozes picture

Kim Mozes - Co-founder

Kim brings experience from both the credit repair and healthcare industries. She co-founded Andorra Credit Repair Inc., in 2004 with Stephanie Black and is a recognized leader in the healthcare industry bringing best practices and compliance strategies to managed care. She is passionate about helping business owners bring the dream of home ownership to their clients.

Picture of Stephanie Black

Stephanie Black - Co-founder

Stephanie, a veteran of the credit repair industry, brings more than 18 years of leadership experience as a credit repair owner to the table. Her wealth of knowledge, earned over two decades in the mortgage industry, has enabled her to assist countless individuals on their financial journeys. She oversees the work of industry leaders that form the Consumer Credit Advocacy and Mediation (OCCAM) Credit Repair Advisory Board as a trusted Board member.

The Butterfly Effect: A New Approach to Cultivating Credit Health

Imagine a vast orchard filled with countless trees, each representing an individual’s credit history. In this orchard, butterflies flitted about, playing a crucial role in pollination. However, the presence and health of these butterflies were often overlooked by the traditional Orchard Keepers, who represented the old credit repair companies.

For years, the Orchard Keepers followed the same methods: whenever they saw a rotten apple (a negative item on a credit report), they would pluck it off and dispose of it. Sometimes, in their rush, they would even scare away the butterflies, disregarding their essential role in the orchard’s ecosystem.

But then, a new group of Orchard Caretakers appeared on the scene with a revolutionary approach. Instead of merely focusing on the apples, they recognized the interconnectedness of the entire orchard. They realized that by nurturing the trees and taking care of the butterflies, they could create a more robust and resilient ecosystem.

The new Caretakers took the time to understand why apples became rotten. Was it due to external pests, a lack of pollination, or internal decay? By preserving and promoting the butterflies, the trees enjoyed better pollination, leading to healthier fruit.

Moreover, when they did find a bad apple, they employed a transparent and compliant system to determine its origin. They would advise the tree (the person) on improving health over time rather than offering a quick fix. The focus shifted from merely removing rotten apples to ensuring the orchard thrived as a whole.

And the butterflies? Their presence became a symbol of this new holistic approach. As they danced from tree to tree, they spread the message of interconnectedness and the importance of taking care of every aspect of the orchard, not just the most apparent problems.

In the vast orchard of credit history, a new way of credit repair emerged. It was about holistic health, recognizing the butterfly effect of every action, and ensuring long-term growth through compliant and fair methods.